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AANMI’s first recording album, Transcendent, which features Ryu Goto, Yuga Cohler, and Davóne Tines, sees its worldwide release in 2018 on Delos Records.

Stereophile Magazine

"[They] are unapologetic in their creation of true art music—music intended for deep and concentrated listening rather than as background wallpaper for our ever so occupied lives. Theirs is the musical equivalent of the brilliant artwork that may surface first in a Soho Studio (if any artists can still afford Soho), and then find itself on the walls of the Whitney or MOMA. It's the kind of music that intellectuals will gobble up for its layered brilliance, and others will love for its emotional commitment, deeply passionate expression, and imaginative expanse."

Gramophone, UK

“The compelling repertoire that the Asia/America New Music Institute presents on its new disc, ‘Transcendent’, speaks volumes for the high level of creativity flourishing in the 21st century. Each of the composers brings individual and mystical qualities to the scores at hand, many of them influenced by Asian sources, to which the institute is devoted.”

I Care If You Listen

“Transcendent contains some of the “greatest hits” of the first five years of our existence. The pieces, while not always sonically similar, all exemplify our aesthetic. So, in a certain sense, the album is itself a musical argument: we wanted to show that the diversity of content in these compositions could itself be a unifying factor.” - Yuga Cohler

Buy Now on ITUNES!      Also Available at DELOS RECORDS  or AMAZON

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